Bosnia & Herzegovina

A perfect escape from your everyday life, our Bosnia and Herzegovina trip is a tapestry of thrilling adventure, lush landscapes, cultural diversity and timeless charm. Here, rugged mountains loom over crystal-clear valleys, cities sprout out of stunning nature, and local people paint a picture of the history you can so evidently see with each turn you take. For four nights and five days, be transported to the heart of the Balkans, a true hidden gem where East meets West. Take in two vibrant cities, both brimming with history and culture, each with its own identity. Drive through mountains and valleys with epic views, watch flowing rivers display their eternal nature and safari through vast plains with wild horses and stunning vistas. From the comfort of your private igloo, it will be clear how enchanting Bosnia and Herzegovina is.

A country known for its water, Bosnia and Herzegovina is teeming with valleys flowing with turquoise shades of water. On the scenic drive from Sarajevo to Mostar, you’ll find yourself tempted to stop at every turn as the view becomes better, and better. Mid-way, the smell of roasted lamb will beckon you to stop, and you’ll try this national dish in a spot right by the river.  

A walking tour is a must to understand this unique City in Herzegovina. The air is fragrant with the aroma of cevapi, a delicious Bosnian kebab. In the streets, you’ll see locals drinking their Bosnian coffee from the džezva, playing cards and laughing together. With its enchanting mix of Ottoman and Mediterranean influences, it’s a snapshot of the past, alive with culture and filled with tales of unity. Famed for its iconic Stari Most, don’t miss the tradition of bridge jumping, whereby a local will traverse the ancient stone bridge that arches gracefully over the emerald waters of the Neretva River and plunges into the cold water below. 

When nature calls, one must listen. Create your cosy space in a beautiful glass igloo or A-framed chalet in pristine nature, with views that will have you longing to stay for an eternity. Once ready to explore, go by Land Rover jeep into the mountains where wild horses roam free and experience the untamed beauty of the wilderness. Let the gentle breeze and sound of the outdoors refresh your senses for a delightful alfresco picnic sampling local products. 

The place where a single event changed the course of history, this City cannot be missed. It’s rustic in its approach to design and with an artistic edge, Sarajevo is a testament to resilience. Weave through the fabric of the place to hear stories of a rich, tumultuous history and understand why this city is dubbed the Jerusalem of Europe. The quaint streets, bustling bars and local eateries will have you captivated, and no doubt hold a place in your heart for years to come. 

Drive through incredible mountains and valleys, with plenty of photo-stops and a chance to try Bosnia’s famous roasted Lamb.

Experience waterfalls that rival the best in the world, a true hidden gem!

Wander the streets oozing culture in Mostar.

See true, wild nature on a wild horse safari and sleep under the stars in your own glass igloo or an A-frame chalet!

Immerse yourself into the historical city of Sarajevo, try famous cevapi kebabs and wander the enchanting streets.

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