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Do you like exploring nature, hiking the best peaks, and catching mesmerizing sunsets? Maybe you enjoy wandering around historic old town centres, immersing yourself into art, history, and culture? Perhaps you have a taste for the finer things in life and wish to sample local cuisine and beautiful vineyards. Or it could be that you want it all.

We provide a service that is personal, both to you, and to us. We invite you into our world where we can arrange cooking classes from local families, olive picking in the best olive oil farms, and even experiences in making & tasting wine! For those seeking an adventure, maybe you want to try canyoning and rafting through rivers and forest, or perhaps sailing and kite surfing.

We can tailor make a trip for you to your exact specifications. We will listen to your needs and design authentic experiences, some of which will be exclusively available to our guests only.

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